Monday, August 7, 2017

Peer Advisor

Last night, I told Mom about an email I'd received for an on-campus job opportunity as a Peer Advisor for the psychology department (And yes, you read that correctly- the official job title is "advisor" with an "o", not an "e").

I met all the listed requirements (3.0 or higher GPA, able to work 5-7 hours a week, and be at least a sophomore- not a freshman). It would pay $8.25 an hour. Sounds good, though I don't know what the actual hours are. I THINK I might be able to set my own, which would be great. We'll have to see. 

I was supposed to apply via some online program called Aggie Handshake. I spent the morning setting up my profile and then rewrote my resume (which was more veterinary-oriented) so that it had a stronger focus on teamwork and working with clients. Setting it up was a bit of a pain since there were so many hoops to jump through and things to write and upload, but I'm sure it's a lot easier to do this sort of thing in this modern age than when my parents were kids. Plus, I'll only have to do that part once. I uploaded my resume, made sure my contact information was there and correct, and applied to the peer advising position. We'll see how that goes.

Partway through the day, some guys came over to fix the air conditioning. It's up and running for now, but they warned that if it shuts off, it may not have the strength to come back on. They're coming back tomorrow with a new part which should fix that.

I made the last box of macaroni and cheese and got a lot of writing done today. Dad, Stockton, and Preston played Mario Party 7. Mom called and we talked about Gone With the Wind. Jorja made some sort of cookie concoction with a ton of dough stuffed in a small bowl in the oven. Shame these nice summer days are quickly coming to an end.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

84 Degrees

I decided not to fast this week. I'm still recovering from being sick and have been coughing horribly, and drinking fluids is supposed to help. Additionally, the air conditioning going out yesterday left my bedroom at 84 degrees. It seems borderline dangerous to cut water out of my life right now.

The other day, Dad hooked up the Wii in the living room. Today, I joined Stockton and Preston in playing Mario Party 6, which I haven't had a go at in a long time. We played E Gadd's Garage. Despite the fact that his controller didn't work too well and would always force him to move up automatically (to the point where I actually won the Minigame Bonus Star), Stockton won the board. I came in second. Oh well. Six stars isn't too bad.

We started our game before church and finished it afterward. Then I retired from playing to spend some time working on character designs and story planning. Mom and I talked about Gone With the Wind and my college life over the phone tonight. It sounds like she's enjoying her time in Florida. A nice, relaxing Sunday with family.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Avocado Oil

I spent the day writing and reading, alternating between sitting on the beanbag in the computer room or being on my bed with my laptop. Dad and Jorja made homemade lasagna for dinner tonight. I think they had fun with that.

Jorja and Stockton made brownies later too. I was in the kitchen with my laptop while Stockton and Jorja debated whether or not avocado oil could be substituted for vegetable oil (avocados, after all, are not vegetables). I looked it up and found that yes, it can be substituted, but apparently not for baked goods. It's an expensive sort of oil, said the Internet, and shouldn't be used in large quantities like that. I don't know what they substituted for the vegetable oil - I think it might have been applesauce - but they did eventually get their brownies made.

In other news, the house's air conditioning stopped working today. I've spent the last two months thinking the house was ridiculously cold and how I shouldn't be freezing underneath three layers of blankets in my bedroom, so I enjoyed it. Hopefully the temperatures stay livable, though. It's funny how hot the inside of a closed house can get even with the roof and curtains blocking out the sun.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Helping a Pal

More writing today... later my own, but first that of an online friend. He's been working on a piece for a long time and showed me his first four rough chapters. He wanted some advice, so I spent the morning talking things over with him. It's nice to talk with fellow writers from time to time.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Dallin In Utah

It was a relaxing day today. I did some writing, and lots of planning my writing.

I also received a text from Dallin today. I'd thought about sending him an email to welcome him back to the states, but then just decided to wait so he could decompress from his mission, since I'll be seeing him up at Utah State soon. Anyway, since Mom has been going East with Rachel, she was nearby their home.

I guess she called up Dallin's mom, and long story short, she got my contact information, and Dallin did after. He sent me a text to say hi and confirm that he's coming up to USU. Right now he's in Utah doing things like orientation and getting settled, or something of the sort. Should be fun to see him out and about around campus on year.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Game Guy

Woke up to find this taped to the fridge door:

It would seem a nearly-full gallon of milk was left out all night. I did hear Stockton and Jorja laughing downstairs late into the night, and Jorja usually comes upstairs to get midnight snacks and drinks. Lovely.

But in other news, my throat has cleared up a lot! I might be all better by tomorrow. That would be great. Stockton and I reminisced about our childhood for a bit this morning, so Preston and I played some Mario Party 3. That's one of my favorites of the Mario Party series, along with 8 and DS. We played Waluigi Island, and I scored a nice come-from-behind victory by gaining the Coin Star and Happening Star bonuses. I landed on a lot of Happening spaces that game and frequently lost huge amounts of coins, all the way down to zero. I guess the ends justify the means.

I also played Preston on two Dual maps. Mario Party 3 is unique with its special dualing style, because you don't battle for stars. Instead, you get partners (such as Koopa, Boo, Chain Chomp) who stand either in front or behind you and attack your opponent depending on the direction you're moving. You pay them a salary of coins each turn, and if you can't afford them, they disappear and leave you vulnerable to your opponent, and unable to attack. This was a little before Preston's time and he doesn't have old memories of it, but he loved it. Stockton worked on a homework assignment about The Lorax while he watched us, and read us some of the sillier questions.

One thing that stood out about the first Dual map we played, Blowhard, was how many Game Guy spaces there were. I remember when we were little, we thought Game Guy was awesome because we usually came away with so many coins. Now that we're older, we can more clearly see the risks associated with his space. He drains you of all your coins and forces you to play one of his minigames- the majority of which are based entirely on luck. Scary. But the payout can be huge when you win. I had my 92 coins doubled to 184, and then those were later doubled to 368. It was quite hilarious to see Game Guy present me with this prize all at once with a +368 floating over my head. Preston was amazed. We had fun, but the sheer amount of Game Guys was exhausting.

We played Pipesqueak next. Fewer Game Guys there, and lots of warp pipes and reverse tiles. I won again. In both games, I landed on a Happening space that turned all of Preston's spaces into mine. Mine filled the board. Every time Preston moved, about seven turns in a row, he landed on my spaces and had to pay me between 8 and 10 coins. It was pretty funny. For me. Not so much for him. He's a good sport.

Jorja went to a movie with a friend tonight, and Dad and Stockton went bowling. I'd planned to go with them, but elected to stay behind and catch up on my blog instead. And, I called Mom and we talked about our Gone With the Wind chapter for the day. It was a busy day... but a fun one for sure!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Writing the Zodiac Dance

Mom left with Rachel and the girls on a Florida-bound trip. She'll be staying with them for a week and a half. Hopefully we function well enough without her around. She and I have been reading a chapter of Gone With the Wind every day, and we're going to keep up and talk about it over the phone while she's gone- Gone with the wind, we could say. Of course, my voice is so raspy now that everything squeaks and I'm constantly coughing. Mom seemed to be able to understand me, at least.

Dad took the van in to get its air conditioning fixed, Preston attended a friend's birthday party and played laser tag, and I got a lot of writing done today. I was inspired to write about a tutor storming to a snowbound cabin in search of his flaky student who's due to perform a final dance for his ballroom class, but has been procrastinating. I pored over dance videos for a long time. Many... many different dance videos. Dad made some spaghetti while I was working in the kitchen, which was nice of him.

My passion for writing is swelling up again, and I'm grateful to reign it in and get it back! This scene turned out to be around 8,700 words. I wrote it in two days. Just. Wow. When I get into something, I can work fast and hard and love the result. But when I force it, it's like pushing two ends of a paper inward- everything wrinkles and becomes distasteful. Honestly, motivation is such a fickle mistress.

Monday, July 31, 2017


Yep, still have a sore throat. And now I have a rasping voice to go along with it. Nice. But to be fair, I did pray on Saturday night for Heavenly Father to either lift my sickness enough for me to attend church, or help me know if I was too sick to go, even if it meant I felt worse. At least the rasping voice is hitting me now, and not yesterday.

But in other news, my inspiration has been coming back to my writing. I'm finding my love again and, back in my groove, I'm getting a lot done.

Sunday, July 30, 2017


I woke up with a cloudy head and a horribly stuffy nose. Mom and Dad went up to the cabin yesterday to bring up a lawnmower and attend a wedding (Probably for one of Mom's cousins- it seems like they're constantly having weddings and babies). When they came home, I had Mom check me over to give the deciding verdict on whether or not I should go to church. I felt like I could function, but I didn't want to get anyone else sick.

I did go, and hopefully people won't get sick because of me. Luckily we have 1:00 church, and I did feel a lot better by the afternoon than I did in the morning. Hopefully this sore throat business will all be over soon.

In other news, we had a lot of people over at our house tonight! Eve and Ange both have their birthdays tomorrow, so everyone got together and we had dinner and cake.

Ange and Eve

Stockton, Jorja, me, and Preston

I don't normally like chocolate cake, but Ange's was pretty good!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Baby Steps of Worldbuilding

Today was a heavy research and worldbuilding day. I've made major overhauls to a lot of the stuff going on in Worth of Ink and have been trying to figure out what feels right. Sadly there's not a lot of tangible material to show my progress, but at least I feel like I'm getting somewhere again. 

My motivation has been burning on low, especially this week since I've still been sick, but... writing is what I want to do. I love it and I could never let it go. It's nice to even be making baby steps.