Monday, August 7, 2017

Peer Advisor

Last night, I told Mom about an email I'd received for an on-campus job opportunity as a Peer Advisor for the psychology department (And yes, you read that correctly- the official job title is "advisor" with an "o", not an "e").

I met all the listed requirements (3.0 or higher GPA, able to work 5-7 hours a week, and be at least a sophomore- not a freshman). It would pay $8.25 an hour. Sounds good, though I don't know what the actual hours are. I THINK I might be able to set my own, which would be great. We'll have to see. 

I was supposed to apply via some online program called Aggie Handshake. I spent the morning setting up my profile and then rewrote my resume (which was more veterinary-oriented) so that it had a stronger focus on teamwork and working with clients. Setting it up was a bit of a pain since there were so many hoops to jump through and things to write and upload, but I'm sure it's a lot easier to do this sort of thing in this modern age than when my parents were kids. Plus, I'll only have to do that part once. I uploaded my resume, made sure my contact information was there and correct, and applied to the peer advising position. We'll see how that goes.

Partway through the day, some guys came over to fix the air conditioning. It's up and running for now, but they warned that if it shuts off, it may not have the strength to come back on. They're coming back tomorrow with a new part which should fix that.

I made the last box of macaroni and cheese and got a lot of writing done today. Dad, Stockton, and Preston played Mario Party 5. Mom called and we talked about Gone With the Wind. Jorja made some sort of cookie concoction with a ton of dough stuffed in a small bowl in the oven. Shame these nice summer days are quickly coming to an end.